Aaron Cruikshank



778.908.4560 | aaron@ignitia.ca

Aaron founded Ignitia (formerly Friuch Consulting) in 2003 and has over a decade of expertise in research, program review, program development, market intelligence, public policy, project management and communications. Prior to founding Ignitia, Aaron was a public servant, communications officer and a tradesperson. As the President of Ignitia, Aaron is responsible for business development, branding, marketing and sales. He is currently working on two new consulting products that Ignitia will sell starting in Summer, 2010 and is also in the process of launching a new non-profit organization aimed at serving a niche of unmet demand for adult education.

Previous clients include the University of British Columbia, Terasen Gas, the BC Innovation Council, the National Research Council, the Government of BC and the Prime Minister’s Advisory Council on Science and Technology. Aaron holds a Masters of Public Policy degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Hon.) – both from Simon Fraser University. Aaron also works with a number of organizations in a pro bono capacity as an advisor and occasionally as a Board member.

Clients and partners have described Aaron as “flexible”, “hard-working”, “creative” and “passionate”. He thinks he’s a pretty funny guy but not everyone agrees. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys raising his three children with his lovely wife in Surrey, BC.